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Schooling at home… Am I scared? A litt

Schooling at home… Am I scared? A little bit!

A well deserved weekend?

Today was day 3 of schooling from home.  I will say it was much better than day 2 and I even got to talk to the teacher who is over the online class.  She’s very knowledgeable and was very quick to send me a few PDF’s to get me and Milo on the right track.

Here’s what I gathered the first three days:

1)  I need to do a lot more preparing and a lot less “winging” it with the lessons.  I’m ashamed to admit that tonight has been the first night that I’ve taken the time to go over lessons in advance.  I feel ashamed that I’ve haven’t been giving my son my best effort.  I guess it’s nice to figure it out three days into it instead of 4 months into it!

2)  Although the school seems to move very fast and require you to do a lot of work, there are a lot more “review” days than I thought.  I’ve been pushing Milo for the past three days thinking, “If he doesn’t get this now, we’ll get behind!”  Apparently we aren’t behind.  On his Scantron test in Math and Reading, he scored at a 1st grade level.  So, apparently I taught him something this summer and Bethlehem Lutheran Preschool did a great job of preparing him for all of this!

3)  I shouldn’t except my 5 year old to just sit in a chair and do all his work.  He’s a boy with lots of energy.  When I see that look of “frustration” come across his face, it’s ok to take that break and go do chores, go outside for a walk, or go to the grocery store.  It’s ok to take a break and come back to it.

So, praying that next week will be AMAZING!



I think he wants to go to the zoo or do something fun during the week.  Shouldn’t be crowded since most kids are in school during the morning!

We survived!!!

First day of school is complete.  No one was injured.  No one has a complex.  Everyone still likes each other!

We started the first day with a meal that Milo planned himself.  He said, “I want oatmeal, honey, and eggs!”  A very hearty breakfast for my oldest’s first day in kindergarten.  School went a lot quicker than I thought.  He picked up on everything pretty quick.

Things that I learned from day one:

  1. We will always do Math first thing in the morning.  When he’s tired is not the best time to try to do that.  Looks like I have a literary boy instead of a math genius, at this point.  
  2. Snacks are mandatory after two subjects.  I could tell after two subjects he was beginning to get bored.  It was time for a grape break, which just happened to correspond to the shapes and colors we were learning.

3.  The wooden desk was definitely worth the money.  When it comes time to doing the offline work from K12, it can’t be beat!

In summary, first day of schooling at home, I can already see that this was a good decision.  If he were in a class full of 29+ children, I don’t think he would have been able to just pour through the subjects the way he was today.  He did so well.  I was really proud of him.  

Kindergarten starts tomorrow for us at h

Kindergarten starts tomorrow for us at home… Prayers welcome!

Tomorrow is the start of KINDERGARTEN!

I can’t believe it.  Waited all summer for this day to get her and it’s TOMORROW!  My oldest baby boy will be starting kindergarten through the program.  I’ve been scared. I’ve prayed.  I’ve had friends pray for me and now I’m ready to see how this is going to go.

If you haven’t been in the loop, we decided to teach Milo at home this year following our diagnosis of hearing loss in April.  We attended a public school kindergarten round up just to find out that there would be 29+ students in the two kindergarten classes.  With Milo’s hearing loss, we were scared that he would just be lost in the crowd.  So, we enrolled in the K12 kindergarten program and was accepted.

We were excited to get all of our books in.  There were three HUGE boxes.  That was a little terrifying to see that many books that we had to go through by the end of the school year.  I was very happy to find that a Facebook group was created for us “learning coaches” aka moms.  I was hooked up with a WONDERFUL lady who has been giving me the support that I need.

Tomorrow, I will update you all on my little man’s first day of school.  I’ll tell you how he did and hopefully how I survived!

What do I see on the way to the grocery store?



Ok, I cheat.  I buy menus with shopping lists.  There, I said it.  So, I’m headed out to get groceries for this FANTASTIC Food week and what do I see across the street from me?  Popeyes and they are FINALLY OPEN!  Being from Louisiana, I love anything that has semi-authentic cajun food.  I said heck with my eating plan and I went to the drive thru.  I honestly could have been much worse, but I got a regular sized red beans and rice.  I can already see having a chicken place this close to my house is going to be bad news!


Back to my shopping trip after the delicious red beans and rice!  I did something I haven’t done in a while, I went to New Seasons Market.  Their produce is so much fresher than anywhere else I shop.  I didn’t mind spending the money on such beautiful kale, rainbow chard, and leeks… ALSO not at my regular grocery store.  I figured that I’m making an investment in the health of my family.

First on my cooking agenda, cooking a HUGE vat of soup so I don’t have to put any thought into what I’m eating for lunch!  Hoping the kids will like it too.  Wish me luck!

About to have a kindergartener!

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here!  Where to begin… my wonderful oldest son, Milo, is getting ready for kindergarten.  Considering the size of classes in public school this year and the fact he is hard of hearing, we’ve decided to school him at home through a public online school.  I’m very nervous about it, but glad that I don’t have to sweat over a curriculum this year.  This first year will be a year of learning for me and Milo.  I hope to be able to figure out how Milo learns best.  It will determine if I will pursue a fully homeschooled program for the 1st grade or if we will try to find a smaller private school.

I also am getting ready for my half marathon in October.  So, not quite 4 months away, but I’m getting started this weekend after it cools down a bit.  Scheduled a chiropractor appointment to get me all sorts of aligned so it’ll be a great training experience.  Not exactly sure which method of training I’m going with, but I’m excited about getting it done.  The Columbia Gorge Marathon and Half Marathon is one of the most beautiful runs I’ve ever done.  And I can’t wait to do the whole Half Marathon this year.

Getting some weight off of me before the race will help a lot, so I’m in the process of doing another 24 Day Challenge with Advocare.  Doing a strength training program at home and hitting the gym next week to start back yoga.  (Can you tell I’m hyper motivated again!)

See you guys next week with another UPDATE!

What prevents me from being “Super Mom”

Over the past two years, I’ve worked very hard to figure out how all these successful stay at home moms keep their house clean, raise respectable children, and look like a million bucks doing it.  How do they have the discipline to “get it all done”?  I really do understand that no one is actually perfect, but they sure seem like they have it all together!

Like I said, this has been a process.  I’ve done a pretty thorough assessment of myself and I believe that it all comes down to three things:  Distractions,  Lack of Discipline and Pity Parties.

I swear sometimes that I have Attention Deficit Disorder with as scattered as my brain is, but how many unnecessary things do I have going on in my home that take my attention away from the important things?  I first started to realize how much he t.v. is on in my house.  I say I like it for the noise, but it honestly takes my attention away from what I need to do.  You’ve had those moments where you look in the pantry to get something and then can’t remember what you were trying to get.  What all is going on in your house when this happens?  How much of that is just unnecessary noise?

Lack of Discipline, I’m soooo guilty of this.  I don’t wake up at a set time every morning.  My husband’s alarm goes off at 4:30 a.m. and he hits snooze for an hour.  I get up sometime in that hour and fix his breakfast and lunch for the day.  Sometimes I stay up and clean or I go back to bed.  I don’t get my kids up at a certain time, I just let them wake up on their own.  Every morning always seems so crazy because I feel like I never know what’s going on.  I’m horrible at scheduling.  Definitely something I need to work on!

And lastly, the dredded “pity party”.  How many times have your kids and husband been in the living room/den watching a movie while you are still stuck in the kitchen cleaning or even getting things ready for breakfast in the morning?  It’s really easy to feel the, “THIS ISN’T FAIR!!” feeling although you know that if you don’t do this life will just be harder tomorrow or for the next meal.

Being a stay at home mom really is a blessing.  I realize that in another 10-15 years, my babies will be teenagers and life will be drastically different.  Probably less hugs and kisses and they will need me to do things for them less.  I know when that time comes, I’ll be missing days like today.  So, I’m trying to embrace the work I put into them now because I know that I will be blessed for it later!  Super mom, maybe she doesn’t exist, but I’m going to do the best that I can.

First couple of steps are the hardest

I understand that day two of a workout program isn’t much to brag about, but I did it and gave it my all! I’m on day two of Chalene Johnston’s TurboFire program. It’s possible I may be in love with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). At least I have a second to grab a quick sip of water!

Day 3 is a day I dread. It’s rest day, ALREADY! I’m one of those people that when I get into a groove, I don’t want to stop in fear I won’t start back up again. Between this blog and a few “fit clubs” that I’m a part of on Facebook, I should be able to keep on keeping on on day 4.

One of my goals is to take better care of my skin and I think I’ve found a skin care line that I’d like to try. When I get it, I’ll share it with you.

Hope you guys are making your plans so you will make your 2013 goals happen!

New Year, New You

Well, today is December 18th. A couple of weeks now until the new year. Always scared of getting behind, I attempted to start my new year early on my birthday in November.

I have several very specific goals this year. The more specific I make them, it’s much easier to measure my progress. I mean, if I just said, “lose weight” when would I know when I’ve met my goal?

So, here we go:

1. To reach my goal weight of 135 lbs.

2. To get my BMI below 23.

3. To increase my overall flexibility to be able to do a back bend with no assistance!

4. To learn to forgive myself in my failures so I can continue to move forward in my goals. (I’ll explain this in another post)

5. To read the entire Bible in a year.

6. To learn how to appreciate my family more instead of just feeling frustrated about the things I haven’t done. Part of that forgiveness thing.

7. To take better care of my skin and show the world that I like me enough to take care of me.

8. Learn enough conversational Spanish to be able to understand most of what people tell me and to respond accordingly.

9. To learn how to cut my boys’ hair!

10. To make monthly plans for fun date nights to show my husband that I DO appreciate him and that I want to know even more about him!

Yes, yes, yes, I’m one of those people who makes goals in multiples of fives and tens. I’m sure it’s not as OCD as I think it is!!!

So, I plan on explaining all these soon as individual posts. This year will be full of physical changes as well as mental and spiritual. I’m very excited. What goals or plans do you have???


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